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Since time could talk there’s been music in Bakersfield. But the city hit it big in the late ’50s when a country twang rang out across our historic oilfields, sparking the musical heat we now know as the Bakersfield sound. The fire is still raging today, the city has since grown in its musical pallet. Not only does Bakersfield’s classic country still reign, but the city is now filled with rock, reggae, hip-hop, jazz, and every other genre in between. Bands of Bakersfield seeks to introduce you to the vast array of talented musicians the city has to offer. By giving the power to the music makers themselves Bands of Bakersfield creates a space for artists to reach the community in a direct and simple way. This is where you the fans can come to receive first-hand announcements on performances and events straight from the performers themselves. Bands of Bakersfield will be the go-to community calendar for your musical needs.

Whether you are a solo musician or a band in the kern county area, this is the place to be. Join in by creating an account, adding photos, and keeping your fans up to date on any upcoming events. the efficient and collaborative format of Bands of Bakersfield will draw in fans and musicians from all over. Let’s introduce them to the power of the Bakersfield sound!

Zova Kamara

Z is a poet, a dancer, a loud laugher, and a lover of art in all forms. She is an advocate for creative expression and community empowerment, and one of Bands of Bakersfield's most stylish contributors. Z believes in fanning the flames of creators and making art accessible to all!

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