Nate Parrish

Nate Parrish is a rare and vanishing breed of musician: the type whose punk rock sensibilities still apply both to the music he releases and to the way he makes it.

“Punk is different from other genres because it’s not necessarily a genre, it’s a mindset, it’s an attitude,” the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist muses. “I’ve always loved that it was always just as about the message as it was about the musicality.”

It’s that marriage of music and message that informed Nate Parrish’s debut solo album, a group of cultural commentary tracks collected under the title I’m A Wreck. Now, he’s following it up with the next stage through Soul Surgery, digging even deeper into that ethos. He shares, “Punk has also been counter culture by nature, a rejection to the status quo, a rejection of following anything blindly. That has also always appealed to me. I hope my music can inspire the listener to question what they hear, challenge what needs to change and find hope at its source.”

Listeners got their first taste of that fresh challenge with “Religion of Relevance,” a summer of 2021 single that identifies our unexpected and often-denied cultural idols. The societal commentary continues on “Attention Junkies,” an uncomfortable look at the way our souls have been trained to operate.

However, beyond just looking outward, Soul Surgery takes an unflinching look inward as well. “God Knows” uncovers Nate’s own process of digging his way out of a spiritually abusive culture: “You’re Adding pages to a finished book / Keep Building gates around our neighborhood / You’re turning faith into a pyramid scheme / You stay on top, put grace on lock and keep the key.”

“This album also contains some of my most personal and introspective lyrics,” Nate reflects. “The funny thing about the first album is that it was never really planned out as an album. The original plan was to just release singles for a while, but it kind of morphed into an album. This time around I approached it as a complete thought, a more cohesive collection of songs centered around the idea of Soul Surgery.”

That first album, I’m A Wreck, propelled Nate Parrish to surprise underground success— setting listener expectations for the second record high. In addition to strong reviews and some chart momentum, the track “HOPE” left a particular impact on listeners through the challenges of 2020 and 2021.

And if listeners glean a little hope from his music along the way? To Nate’s mind, that’s the best possible use of the power of punk. “I hope as many people as possible can hear my songs and be challenged to pursue truth, empowered to live by faith and be encouraged that they are not alone,” he concludes.

Soul Surgery will be available through all major digital retailers April 8th 2022. You can find Nate Parrish on Spotify and Apple Music, and follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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