The Soda Crackers at The Historic Bakersfield Fox Theater – Project Doolitte

Venue: Bakersfield Fox Theater
1700 20th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301

“Project Doolittle” is a once in a lifetime historic Bakersfield Art and Bakersfield Sound Experience presented by Citizens Preserving History, Patti Peak Doolittle, & Bakersfield Sound Band The Soda Crackers.

Join us on January 13, 2024, in the newly completed VIP Room next to The Historic Bakersfield Fox Theater, where you will feel you have stepped back in time as you order a drink from the original TROUT’S Bar, and you may even feel tempted to make a phone call from the TROUT’S Wooden Telephone Booth!

In 2018, Patti’s “Big Paintings” disappeared in the night air along with the infamous TROUT’S fish sign. However, Citizens Preserving History, with the help of Mike Choate, Uncle Rick Oliver, Patti Peak Doolittle & her husband, Marvino, were able to “Rescue & Restore” the iconic paintings and bring them back home to Bakersfield where they belong.

You can be among a small group of people that “Welcome’s Home” Doolittle’s iconic 6’ by 4’ paintings that once “Graced the Walls” of TROU

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