American singer, songwriter, and producer Eunith balances his love of dance music with the influences of garage rock, indie pop, and hardcore from his adolescence.

The musical development behind Eunith is marked by several stages throughout his life: Piano child > Guitar kid > EDM nerd > Ambient fan > Funk wannabe > and finally acceptance of the self.

Eunith’s debut single, “One Another” has been featured on the Synth Pop Newcomer blog and playlist, as well as Synthpop Fanatic 2021. His single, “Now” has been featured on the Towards The Light blog, as well as IndieStream. While many of his musical influences are apparent upon first listen, some less-obvious artists have been integral to the evolution of Eunith's sound, including Yanni, Iron & Wine, and The Fall of Troy.

Keen to channel the eclectic sound of multi-instrumentalists from his teen years, Eunith (née Matthew Prewitt) found momentum in the use of guitar pedals and eventually the expansive world of software instruments, suddenly able to contribute any sound to a number of folk, electronic, and rock projects during high school and college. After returning to the west coast, he briefly worked in mixing and mastering, with his work being played at such venues as London’s Ministry of Sound. His music is primarily made within Ableton Live, and regularly features one of his three favorite guitars – the pink Strat, the white SG, or the aqua Dano. Today, he makes most of his music at a desk near a window, in a house built in the 1940s.


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